Exercises for cervical spondylosis

Exercises for cervical spondylosis

Exercises for cervical spondylosis is performed seated on a chair back or sitting on the floor with legs cruiser, keeping column verticality. Relax the body to the neck.

Exercises for cervical spondylosis – Making:

a) close your eyes and let his head fall forward, then back, repeating 10 times the exercises;

b) rotate the head from right to left, performing 10 movements of rotation. Repeat the exercise, all 10 times, turning his head from left to right;

c) bend head to right and left all 10 times, such as ear touching shoulder, shoulder to avoid lifting, you bow your head right or left, to feel the thrust from the opposite side of the neck.

Breathing: controlled

Participation mind: focus on reacquisition of elasticity neck.

Note, salutary exercise for cervical spondylosis. After 3 weeks of exercise pain disappear. But beware! In early days the pain worse. It is well that the first 3 weeks, exercises to do sitting on the floor cross-legged lotus-position, because after the first movement is a powerful dizziness, but once the pain disappears.

Medical advice is required! Consult your doctor before start any exercises for cervical spondylosis

A persons neck create sessentially six exercises for cervical spondylosis . All exercises of the neck are mixtures and different proportions of these six exercises.
This neck movements is great exercises  for cervical spondylosis

These softly executed exercises for cervical spondylos is of the chest (listed below) :

1) flexion the exercise during which the chin area is decreased down in the direction of the chest (listed below)

exercises for cervical spondylosis - flexion
exercises for cervical spondylosis - flexion


2) extension—the neck is extended, as in looking upward toward the ceiling (listed below)

exercises for cervical spondylosis - extension
exercises for cervical spondylosis - extension


3 and 4) lateral rotation to the left and to the right — these are basically primary lateral rotation to possibly side (listed below)

exercises for cervical spondylosis - lateral rotation
exercises for cervical spondylosis - lateral rotation


5 and 6) lateral flexion could be ideal defined as attempting to place the ear upon the shoulder by a sideways movement of the neck, guiding the ear in the direction of shoulder tip on each sides (listed below)


Exercises for cervical spondylosis_flexion
Exercises for cervical spondylosis_flexion



It is very important that the affected person herself or herself initiate these exercises. Someone else should not grasp the patient’s head and try to manipulate the neck in the above directions when you execute exercises for cervical spondylosis

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  1. Thank you so much. This is very helpful and gives great relief. I am a cervical spondylosis and fibro suffer.

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